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This is Halloween ♫♪♫♪♫♪ [English]

Hi to everyone,

I was so exciting! Last week, I wrote a post about my new project for Halloween. However, I prefer to say that it was the day of Samhain. I love Samhain! I think the tradition, folklore and beliefs are beautiful, most beautiful than other festivities.

Many people don’t know what I’m talking about. Well, Samhain is the end of celtic year. A new year is coming and with it, ilusions, optimism or new beginnings. It’s night to eat apples, dance with the moon or whatever you want to do (meet costumed friends, for example  xD)

Ok, I don’t want to write much more! Come on with the project!

I must write that all collections from Graphic 45 are precious but, I have to emphasize two of them: «Steampunk Debutante» (my preferred and retired collection) and «Steampunk Spells«, beautiful and according with the project in general.

Steampunk Spells

It is divided in two parts:


I made this with two old portrait that my mother-in-law gave me one day. They seem portraits that are in many niches of cementeries. (In my town, Cartagena, I’ve seen many of them)

Retrato niños (antes)I didn’t clean the metal because I thought the dirt was perfect for the project and it style. So I cut some Graphic 45’s papers *See «Materials» * and then I glued them. I have to say I used a silhouette cameo archive from the design store. It was a Big Ben’s clock cut file.

The result was this:

Retratos fúnebres (después)PART TWO: THE NICHE

It was the most difficult part of the project. I spent so much time making this part because I wanted a «real niche». I didn’t want a object with papers and ¡et voilá! No. I wanted to make something different (for example, real stone texture). For this reason, I experimented with different traditional techniques (thank you new materials!!) for the first time.

I made the gothic niche like a cut file in my Silhouette Cameo, I mean, I designed it from cero. That is why the project is important for me, It has a emotional burden and sentiments. It’s personal.

Vitrina completaFINAL RESULT

The funny part of the project: decorate. Add elements or personal objects (like the clock) <3

I hope you like it and enjoy it. 😉

PD: If I write some mistake, SORRY!!! It’s the second time I write a post in english and I’m not in the habit of do it (normally, I write in spanish, of course)

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