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"Fly Far Away" #12tagsof2015 [English]

Hi everyone!

This month, I haven’t any story to tell. But I’d love present my new project Tim Holtz’s challenge with a lyric from one of my favourite group of pagan music: Trobar de Morte. 

Once I dreamt (thanks to Brian Froud and Alan Lee to inspire the dream) butterflies were messengers of fairies. Well, here you are my personal butterfly for a special moment; I’m going to start my own business and I hope to fly far, far away.

Fly far away
Fly far away

Forgive me for this simple post. I’ve been busy and I hadn’t much time to elaborate a complete post. I leave you with a «The Fairies’ Wind» by Trobar de Morte. Enjoy it ♥

«The Fairies’ Wind»

The lights of the day die slowly

Leaving the silent forests and giving the life to shadows.
Spirits and unknown, secret creatures
Awaken with the first light of the moon.
Summon the children of nature and call to the wind!
We will dance in this magical night…

Come feel the fairies` wind dance!
Come enjoy the fairies` wind dance!
Come dream in the fairies` wind dance!
Come with me and fly in this fairies` wind dance!


See you soon!!!



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