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"Do you want a coffee?" #12tagsof2015 June [English]

Hi dear friends!!!

One time again, I’m late to show you my tag of June.

When I went at university, my friend Frederic showed me a new coffee shop in Murcia called «Piccadilly Coffee». A modern place where you drink coffees with specials flavours and eat good cookies, muffins or handmade donuts, while you wait to enter to class or review an exam. It’s a students place.

Piccadilly Coffee is look like Starbucks but different and 100% Spanish (differents colors and marketing in general)

I have good memories about this place, when I took breakfasts with Frederic, Fuensanta or Meryeme. For this reason, I’ve chosen it to make the tag of June inspired in «Piccadilly coffee»

Tag June
I hope you like it and see you soon with the new tag (I’ve seen it yet. Well…this month «free tag» for me!!)

Kisses and regards friends! <3

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