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#12tagsof2015: February. "Crude Love" [English]

Hi guys!

Well, well, I’m here again with a new project for Tim Holtz’s challenge.

I inform you this month has been quite different than January. My imagination won my «artistic reason», I mean, I didn’t follow to the letter Tim’s tutorial. Honestly, I couldn’t and I have not managed to do anything like this:


I write english posts for everyone who live abroad so, I’m sure you don’t know nothing about me (I know it). You read my blog, see the theme (white wood, green letters) or my varied projects and, maybe, you think I’m funny, lover of nature/simple things, a person who enjoy with a dandelion. In short, a dreamer!. Ok, you’re right but Lola hides something more. I’m in love of antique things, old times, dusty encyclopedias, magnificent engraved illustrations since I was a child (probably, strange but true).

Have you ever felt an permanent idea in your mind? It doesn’t want to go nowhere and you know you have to do something. Then, you MUST draw/paint/make a mixed media. Whatever! And I did it.
The idea grew with this image:


I found it in Pinterest and it’s a book about anatomy. Absolutely, perfect! ♥

For all these reasons, my interpretation for February has been:

This tag has a deep meaning.
Many people believe our body is a machine and our heart is the engine of life. Sometimes, we follow all which our heart tell us, but we ignore «the reason» or, say in another way, we put aside our mind’s advices. I wanted to express that all of us aren’t an iron/steel machine. We’re a combination of innards, veins and muscles.

I was bored of typical hearts -red and pink colors, in fabric or felt-. Partiture hearts too. So, I wanted a real heart!. I have one, not a «cute» heart —> ♥ and in my real heart, my boyfriend is there.

You are here

Comments about the project:

-I applied tissue paper technique again. But the project hasn’t plastic techniques, inks, paints, embellishments.
-I dyed the tag with «walnut stain», «fired brick», «Salty ocean». Red and blue to imitate colors of the veins.
-I’ve come back to my infancy with transparent sheet. I used to read natural sciences books which taught us parts of human body, insects, animals, flowers, trees…and books are composed by transparent sheets. They were quite funny and interesting!. Perfect books for education.
-I’ve prefered to use my favourite style: Antique, 19th Century, old books, vintage. Like always.

That’s all for February. Next month I’ll come back with new tag (Can’t wait to see next tag challenge!)

Enjoy it!

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  1. You should win a prize just for being original! This is great!

  2. Ohhh! Thank you Sandy. Your words are sooo kindness. I hope to win a prize, it would be amazing. We’ll see it tomorrow.

    Kisses! ^_^

  3. This is great! Very imaginative, and wonderful that you followed your own heart on this tag 🙂 Thanks for your visit – always fun to read comments! xx Lynn

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